Market rules Gjallarstadir Vikinglag

As we are at an open-air pool area, we have to be careful with the ground. Please do not burn or destroy the grass.

During the opening hours, we have "plastic alert". We are Vikings from around year 1000. We do not want any visible plastic or any modern items. Try to be historical. Please contact us if you have questions or doubts. Please keep clothes, equipment and sales items historical.

Fire prevention:

  • Open fire inside tents is not allowed.
  • Each tent must have a fire extinguisher that must be shown upon request. The fire extinguisher have to be placed at the right hand side of the tent's opening.
  • Use a fire pan for bonfires or barbecue. The fire pan must be at a minimum 15 cm above the ground. It is forbidden to burn the grass.
  • Remember basic fire safety!

Gjallarstadir does not allow the use of illegal drugs on the premises.

We enjoy drumming, but please be mindful of other people.

The person who sends the market application, is automatically responsible to notify us about any changes. Any change regarding the registration, are to be sent to

All participants have to be registered. It is not allowed to bring any "guests". We need to know for security reasons.

Gjallarstadir  has the exclusive right to reject any applications. Rejection may be done without any explaination.

Please let us know if you have to cancel. There are always other Vikings waiting to join.

All registered sale stands have to be open during the market's opening hours.

Dogs are welcome, owners have full responsibility at al times. It is however, not allowed with dogs in heat. Dogs must be leashed at all times and are not allowed to do their toilet on the market area. Bags for poo must be used and any "accidents" are to be picked up at once. This applies to humans as well.